304Games.Com understands the importance of protecting personal privacy and is committed to protecting its customersí privacy. 304Games.Com provides online ordering systems to make the customerís shopping experience more convenient. 304Games.Com only uses the information from customers to correctly process orders and to improve our ability to understand our customerís needs. 304Games.Comís privacy policy applies only to 304Games.Com and not product suppliers outside of 304Games.Com who are associated with the purchase transaction.

Description of Information Collected and Usage

304Games.Com stores the information that is provided by the customer when a customer makes a purchase from 304Games.Com. Each product supplier customizes its own order forms, which the customer completes when ordering. 304Games only needs a name, email address, postal address, and credit card information to process orders; however, 304Games.Com cannot control the information requested by each of the product suppliers. Except for credit card details, information supplied on the purchase order forms is passed through to the product vendor who requested the information on the order form.

304Games.Com forwards a customerís name, address, and email address to the publishers of downloadable software and other products which that customer purchases. Therefore, the customer can automatically be registered and notified of product updates, upgrades, and special pricing offers on future products. When a customer places an order, 304Games.Com may also collect information on a customer communicated the order to 304Games.Com (email, phone order, fax, etc.). 304Games.Com collects this information so that we have alternate ways of communicating with you should the information you provided be inadequate. Communication information can include: an internet address, language preference, browser type, currency type, whether a secure or insecure web page was utilized, return email address shown in your email messages, the return address on envelopes, the fax number on faxes, the phone number from which a customer called and any other information that might help us to contact a customer that might be included with payment.

Except for credit card details, all the information we collect is forwarded to the appropriate product supplier so that the customer can receive the desired product, receive support for the product, and any additional information that might be related to the customerís purchase.

304Games.Com also reserves the right to provide aggregate information about site usage and traffic patterns, stripped of any individual identification, to third parties for marketing research and to comply with various reporting requirements.

There are people outside of 304Games.Com who are associated with the purchase transaction such as shipping, technical support, etc. 304Games.Com has no direct control over their use of the information relayed to them to complete the purchase transaction and can make no assurances as to their use of a customerís personal information. 304Games.Com will discontinue doing business with those who are associated with the purchase transaction if they abuse the information 304Games.Com provides to them.


Information Collected for Internal Feedback

304Games.Com reserves the right to aggregate the data collected and use it for market research purposes in order to improve 304Games.Comís customer service and products. This aggregated data will not include information that would personally identify a customer.


Policies Regarding Third Parties

304Games.Comís current policy is to not sell, rent or trade personal information to others not associated with a purchase transaction; however, 304Games.Com reserves the right to do so in the future. If 304Games.Com does decide to do this, 304Games.Com will email each customer and give each customer 30 days to inform us if he or she wishes for your information to remain private. At this time, 304Games.Com is not planning to sell this information.

Customers with concerns about disclosing personal information to parties other than vendors, from who they purchased goods, may send 304Games.Com an email to sales@304Games.Com. In this email, customers should include a current email address and the words "never sell" in the subject field.


304Games.Com Privacy Policy Changes

If 304Games.Com decides to change its privacy policy, 304Games.Com will post these changes here. Please feel free to contact 304Games.Com at webmaster@304Games.Com if you have further questions regarding our privacy practices.